Duck Learning

A collaboration with Duck Learning means that Brightway International School will be supported extensively with up-to-date STEM programs and products that is much needed for 21st Century Learning.


Principal doing a survey and learning journey of Irsyad Singapore’s STEM Lab (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) on 2nd August 2018 as part of an effort to replicate the lab and its exciting programs to Maldives.  

Unveiling a brighter future

The establishment of Brightway International School with the partnership of the reknown Irsyad Trust from Singapore was shared with parents. The promises of a Singapore education model, a smart school with international exposure to students resonated well with parents.

International Maths Olympiad

An agreement is signed to bring the world class Singapore Maths Olympiad and other international-class Olympiads to the Maldives. Top performing students from these Olympiads conducted in the Maldives will be brought to Singapore, Malaysia and the region to pit themselves against other International students.

Singapore approach

The world renown Singapore approach towards teaching and learning will be brought to Maldives through the use of the internationally-acclaimed Cambridge-approved books by Marshall Cavendish. Beyond just well structured lessons, the curriculum is complemented with interactive eBooks and an online Learning Management system that will revolutionise the teaching and learning process.