Curriculum Features


Desired Outcome

 Vicegerent of the World

Indeed, I will send to Earth, Khalifah

(Al-Baqarah : 30)

Active Learning

Highly engaging pedagogies inspire students to a higher level of learning. Student-centered approaches through play, experiential and technology-based learning, ensure a purposeful yet fun learning environment.


Balanced Curriculum

The Singapore curriculum framework will be used for the preschool levels. Other levels will use the iGCSE curriculum with the Singapore approach to teaching and learning. Islamic studies, Quran and Dhivehi will follow the Maldivian national curriculum.

Character Development

A philosophy of education that aims to develop students to be servants to Humanity that demands nothing less than an authentic service-learning program reinforced by a faculty team who are excellent role-models.


Holistic Education

With a mission of developing the whole child and recognizing the different intrinsic intelligences of each individual, the learning process targets the child physical, cognitive, emotional and social development through the academics, sports and aesthetics engagements.

21st Century Skills

The acquisition of a comprehensive set of skills and habits relevant and critical to the Information Age that goes beyond just digital literacy, but encompassing critical thinking, problem solving and global awareness.