STEM is an acronym that refers to the academic disciplines of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Experimenting with robotics and 3D printing, students will be able to integrate the related disciplines and realize the practical applications of science and mathematics beyond the classroom.


In this digital-age, multimedia skills are crucial for every young person. Trained to master a suite of relevant software, our graduates would have the edge in the working world because of their ability to write documents, design posters, create blogs and websites.


Math Olympiad

Designed to train students for the annual International Mathematical Olympiad, our Math Olympiad program stretches the students’ ability in Math and aids them to see the value of Math beyond the classroom.


Communication is a key skill that must be mastered by all leaders. The Toastmasters program will help students overcome their fears of public speaking and master the art of making impromptu speeches. In addition to this, they learn to give and accept feedback from other participants.



Chess is a universal game that promotes key intellectual skills such as problem solving, logical thinking, pattern recognition and concentration. Playing chess also fosters intellectual character and inculcates the tenacity to cope with adversity. It does this by teaching children how to lose and how to win gracefully, to think ahead and foresee the consequences of their actions.


Basketball is a favourite game among the Maldivian community. We intend to challenge for the top team in the national competitions, insya Allah. This will involve creating a competitive basketball culture guided by professional coaches.

2014 October 08 - FIU's Roberto Alterio (20). Florida International University fell to South Carolina, 4-5, at FIU Soccer pitch, Miami, Florida. (Photo by: Alex J. Hernandez / This image is copyright by and may not be reproduced or retransmitted without express written consent of ©2014 - All Rights Reserved


As the world’s most popular sport, soccer is today an integral part of local cultures across the world. Our soccer program is vigorous, and promotes teamwork and long-lasting friendship. Trained by qualified trainers, our players will take part in inter-school matches during the holidays.


Badminton is an aerobic game which enhances your breathing pattern just like while doing yoga. Playing badminton for 30-40 minutes regularly help reduce bad cholesterols, improves blood circulation, heat rate, energize your body and a lot more health benefits which increases your longevity. It also help tackle hypertension, reduces blood pressure and controls heart beats. Playing badminton improves your overall health.